Are You A Struggling Affiliate Marketer?

BackLink Agent makes finding qualified traffic EASIER!

I was once a struggling affiliate marketer. I spent hours and hours writing articles and blog entries to build backlinks to my landing pages. Then I would wait hours, days or weeks to see my hard work get ranked in Google - sometimes not at all!


Stop the struggle! Work Smarter - Not Harder!

Making backlinks to your landing pages should be easy!
Making backlinks to your landing pages should be simple!

BackLink Agent can help you sniff out hundreds of thousands of backlinks to relevant websites that will send qualified traffic to your landing pages.

Backlinks Are The Autobahn Highway For Qualified Traffic

Want qualified traffic? Tired of getting lots of clicks, but no sales?

BackLink Agent will give you actual links to websites that your landing page can benefit from.

Here's how:

Let's say you're promoting get rid of acne scars as a keyword phrase, and you have a landing page created with content that is all about how to get rid of acne scars.

Let's do a search using BackLink Agent below and see what comes back!

Look at that! 1000s of relevant backlinks! Now all you have to do is start surfing through the links and qualify the websites.

Try These Keywords

    • long distance relationships
    • get my ex back
    • how to lose weight
    • get out of debt
Just enter your long tailed keyword and search. I love the Forum Links filter - so I can find lots of forums where my starving crowd is lurking, and I can research them, and promote to them.

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Wait a Sec! What Are Backlinks???

'Backlinks' are links from other websites that direct visitor traffic back to your website or landing page.

The goal of backlinking works in 2 ways:

#1   Backlinking sends you qualified traffic

Remember you don't want just any visitor. You want a qualified visitor - one who is in 'buying mode' because they have come from a related, relevant backlink to your website.

#2   Make Google Love Your Landing Pages

Backlinking connects you to relevant websites and Google looks highly upon this and should place your website highly in the natural search results.

Backlinking sends you qualified traffic. And not just qualified, over qualified visitors! These visitors already know what your landing page or website is about - and will more likely be interested in seeing what your landing page has to say or buying your product!


Here's What Other BackLink Agents Have To Say


"Your software is amazing. Please stick around and don't go anywhere because you need to help us marketers for years to come. "
- Richard

 "Hi Rob,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how happy I am with BackLink Agent. Not only does BackLink Agent help me find relevant and related websites to link my blog landing page to - it also helps me research keywords and see what other affiliate marketers are doing with their landing pages.

Thanks so much for introducing me to BackLink Agent - I don't know how to thank you!
- Bob

 "Hi Rob,

BackLink Agent has changed how to do affiliate marketing. It's totally opened new doors for where to find my customers, how I research my keywords and it even lets me 'spy' on my competition (I love being sneaky).

I love how I can find article and video sites for my niche, and find forums to research my customers. Amazing tool! BackLink Agent cuts my niche research time in half."
- islabonita


 "Hey Rob,

Stalexsim here, just had to tell you how wicked BackLink Agent is. I was so choked at the lack of traffic my landing page was getting from the articles I'd written. I'd spent 100s of hours writing and spinning articles to submit to article websites, and the traffic I was getting from them was lousy.

BackLink Agent opened the doors to where I found my niche audience, as Travis says 'my starving crowd', and now I am getting upwards of 100 hits a day and I've only been using BackLink Agent for 3 weeks!

Way wicked program dude, very impressed. Thanks"
- stalexsim

 "I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with BackLink Agent. You've done a great job here!"
- Thaliat

 "BackLink Agent is my #1 Internet marketing tool! I've used lots of other backlink programs that promise to build backlinks for you. The thing I've come to realize is that building backlinks can't be done automatically, it takes time to build quality backlinks that drive traffic.

No one can really create quality backlinks in 30 minutes - but with BackLink Agent I can research my customers, research my niche, and find where my customers lurk in 30 minutes. Then I can spend my time building quality backlinks to my landing page thanks to what BackLink Agent has to offer.

Here's to my success, and yours!"
- alfred001

How Does BackLink Agent Work? Let Me Explain!

Here's a 5 minute video that shows BackLink Agent in action.


Don't Make The BIGGEST Affiliate Marketer Mistake

So many affiliate marketers get caught up in wanting tons of traffic! Tons, Tons, Tons!

But you know what? - Tons of traffic is great to have, but if it isn't qualified - it isn't any good - because your traffic either isn't interested in your product, or in 'buying mode' to buy it.

This is why BackLink Agent is so important to affiliate marketers.

Now you can quickly search out and find 1000s of qualified websites where you can post links to your landing pages - and create more backlinks to your website!

Why Do I Need Backlinks???

If you don't have backlinks then you must be marketing with Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click (PPC), or you're just wishing that visitors will come to your website.


Backlinks are links to relevant, high traffic websites that can send you qualified visitor traffic.

Remember that qualified traffic can be better than a paid Google PPC ad.

Most websites don't charge for you to create a backlink with them. So backlinking is a free way to get more links to your landing pages.

BackLinking is FREE!


How BIG is Your Wheel?

Have you heard of the Spoke & Wheel marketing analogy?

See how this big wagon wheel has lots of spokes? Spokes? - you know, the wooden bars that run from the edge of the wheel to the center of the wheel.

Well each spoke is a different means of driving visitor traffic to your landing page.

Here's a few examples of how BackLink Agent
adds 'spokes' to YOUR wheel:

BackLink Types

    • Article Submission Websites
    • Discussion Forums
    • Blog Posts
    • Youtube & other media websites
    • Yahoo Answers & other answer websites
    • Website directories
    • Relevant & related websites

YES! These are all BackLinks!!!

Are you doing Article Marketing? (also known as BUM Marketing) - Travis is a God :) Article Marketing is the process of submitting articles to free article directories. Your articles are then indexed by Google and visitors find the article in Google, or when they are browsing on the article website.

You've been creating backlinks the whole time and didn't even know it!

The entire Internet is one big backlink - and BackLink Agent will help you quickly find these backlinks so you can start getting more visitor traffic.

How Will BackLink Agent Make My Life Easier?

BackLink Agent can help you find hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of possible backlinks.

Take the Free 3 Day Video E-course
To learn how BackLink Agent can improve your customer traffic

Watch videos on how BackLink Agent can be used to sniff out relevant,
related & qualified traffic websites.

We will NOT rent, trade, or release your information to any third party for any reason - ever.

Here are a few ways BackLink Agent finds backlinks for you:

 Add/Submit Url: There are hundreds of relevant websites that allow you to submit a link to them. These aren't just more article websites either!

 Add/Submit Link: Same concept as Add Url - not every webmaster out there uses the same lingo - so there's lots more sites to review and set up backlinks

 Add Comment: Very common usage for Blog sites and Yahoo Answers. Not only will you find popular websites like Blogger and others, but you'll find new websites that you've never seen before - that can be a great potential for backlinking!

 Blogs & Forums: Find hundreds of relevant forum posts where you can contribute to the online conversation and add a backlink - in the form of a profile signature, or maybe even backlink right in your forum post? (be sure to read the forum rules before posting!)

 Competition Spy: Want to know what your competition is up to? Type their landing page website address ( into BackLink Agent and select Link Spy - and you can see where you competition has links back to their landing page!

 Article & Video Websites: Looking for more article and video submission websites to post article and videos about your niche product? Now you can sniff out and find more of these websites, easily!

So as you can see, there's many ways to find relevant backlinks on the Internet - and BackLink Agent will help you find them in minutes!

A BackLink Agent lifetime membership is only $20.00
30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee